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At Target, our main target is to give you the best!

The latest mobile phone accessories available that are easily accessible and super budget-friendly - is what we aim to please you with. Our range of products includes – wireless, card reader, car charger, AUX cables, selfie sticks, speakers, headphones, earphones, power banks, travel chargers, batteries and much more. With the right gadgets, we aim to make your life smooth and that inspires us to deliver excellence every time you come to us.

Ours is a rapidly growing company following comprehensive quality measures that have been integrated into all aspects of the manufacturing process we follow in our state of the art facilities. Also, supporting the vision of “Make in India” by our honorable prime minister, we manufacture most of our products locally. We are ISO 9001:2005 certified mobile accessories manufacturer and are also environmentally friendly. We ensure that all of our products before reaching you undergo rigorous testing and design life-cycle; therefore, what you get is nothing but the best.

Our customer-first approach motivates us to keep innovating products that are purposeful and greatly functional. To make these products accessible, we have a countrywide dealer network and hence are always available for you.

With Target, innovative designs, high quality, latest technology, top-rated products, budget-friendly prices - Anything is possible.

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To bring up the tech-friendly product in the market acquiring nation-wide business which caters rural and urban segment. Technology that excite us to bring up the modern & trendy products that enhance to develop the quality, invention and innovation which adds immense value to your experience into the tech-savy world.


Our journey started in 2010, mission to established the mobile accessories industry which focuses on smart technology and wearable products. Mission to enhance the technology towards the Indian market into mobile accessories industry, connecting and empowering the consumers everywhere across the globe.

Core Value

Innovative approaches towards the industry. Smart & Trendy design which helps to grow the technology. Enhance the quality for the consumers that redefines the products. Technologies that revolutionize the innovation and economic growth.

Our founders

Meet our Founders

Chetan Singh Rathod

When there is a will, there is a way - And our pillar Mr. Chetan Singh Rathod is a living example of that.

Coming from a very humble background, with not so strong educational background or financial backup, he came to Mumbai at the age of 15. Starting by working in a small mobile store, he learned much more than what was expected out of him. His keen observation, strong determination, and an undying will to make things happen, soon turned him from a menial employee to a dynamic entrepreneur. There was no looking back then, and today he is a founder of a multi-crore group of companies. His unwavering commitment and fearless approach continue to change the company's course and expedite progress.

Magan Choudhary

He started working very early in life. At the age of 17 years, he was working in a unit manufacturing plastic beads. Witnessing the things in action and learning + observing different ins-and-outs of the manufacturing industry for 8 years; he knew one thing for certain - He wanted to have a business of his own.

He started his journey as an entrepreneur by starting a small retail shop that sold mobile accessories.  Doing this for few years he understood the market further and sharpened his skills + solidified his finances.

In 2011, he started Target Mobile Accessories on a small scale. With his persistence, persuasion and determination, he boosted this business to a new level and managed to grow it on a pan India level.